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History of Spidercrab.Net

Spidercrab was set up in 1998 by Martin Crozier, and it was operated by him for the following 5 years, raising a considerable amount of money for Guernsey Link Eastern Europe.

At the end of 2003 Martin decided to move on to other things, and agreement was reached with the Island Networks group to take over the domain name and continue the legacy of the Guernsey Spidercrab, including that of supporting organisations carrying out charitable work in E. Europe.

If you would like to see the SpiderCrab at various points in the past, please take a look at web.archive.org/web/*/spidercrab.net

As a part of the Island Networks group, spidercrab.net is now in the process of setting up the 2004 SpiderCrab Online Directory for the Channel Islands.

If you would like your business or organisation listed in the new SpiderCrab directory, please contact us.

We will also be exploring a number of possible revenue models, and we would like to hear from any interested parties who would be interesting in advertising or sponsorship opportunities.

For web searching we are pleased to present the Guernsey specific edition of Google (google.gg).